Which supermarket is the cheapest?

[Read in Dutch/Italian] Evergreen question. In my everyday choices, the convenience often wins on the cheapness, but after large purchases, I promise myself I will pay more attention...sooner or later. And I am not saying that that moment has come, but I started getting information about the price of various products in the supermarkets. Especially … Continue reading Which supermarket is the cheapest?


The order of the sentence

[Leggi in italiano] One of the most difficult aspects of learning Dutch has been for me managing the order of the sentence. That's something new, since I had not found it in other languages (I have never studied German, for example), and my brain was not trained yet. One needs to find the rule applying … Continue reading The order of the sentence

7 free resources for Dutch self-study

Learning Dutch, for free. Here my selection of free resources: [read in Italian] http://www.dutchgrammar.com here the Dutch grammar is complete and comprehensive - even better than a book in my opinion. http://www.learndutch.org/online-dutch-course/ analogous to a basic language course: each lesson presents a video, a list of 25 words to memorize and some exercises. Perfect for beginners. … Continue reading 7 free resources for Dutch self-study