What I like of the Netherlands

Marta, in the end, what do you like of the Netherlands? So many times I found myself looking for the right words to give a proper answer to this question. To motivate a choice that can look risky, selfish, far, strange, choosy. Actually, I've always been saying that I am in love with the Netherlands, but … Continue reading What I like of the Netherlands


21 March 2018 – Municipal elections

[Read in Dutch/Italian] Wednesday March 21st 335 Dutch municipalities will vote for the city councils. These will then govern for the next four years. As I wrote in a previous post, I think it is really important to make use of our right to vote, and at the same time to fulfill our duty. But … Continue reading 21 March 2018 – Municipal elections

“Hoe meer mensen stemmen, hoe het rechter wordt gedaan”

[Read in Dutch/Italian] Also this week I went to the elderly house, for the Saturday coffee with my friend Theotima. We chat always on a very broad range of topics, and I keep being astonished and fascinated by her positivity and modernity (when aged 90 and living in an elderly house!). Yesterday, among the rest, … Continue reading “Hoe meer mensen stemmen, hoe het rechter wordt gedaan”