10 reasons to learn Dutch

[Read in Dutch/Italian] Some time ago I have written a post with tips to get to speak Dutch (how do I start speaking Dutch, by real?). "Why should you want it? You can perfectly survive in the Netherlands without speaking Dutch." That's absolutely true, but I am still convinced that speaking the language of the … Continue reading 10 reasons to learn Dutch

7 free resources for Dutch self-study

Learning Dutch, for free. Here my selection of free resources: [read in Italian] http://www.dutchgrammar.com here the Dutch grammar is complete and comprehensive - even better than a book in my opinion. http://www.learndutch.org/online-dutch-course/ analogous to a basic language course: each lesson presents a video, a list of 25 words to memorize and some exercises. Perfect for beginners. … Continue reading 7 free resources for Dutch self-study


[Read in Dutch/Italian] What I've learnt in many many years of school/university, is that having good allies is important...both in terms of study-mates and in terms of educational tools. Among the others, one of my big friends in learning the vocabulary is WordQuiz. WordQuiz is a software to create your own flashcards. Normally flashcards are … Continue reading WordQuiz