Parts of the speech

[Read in Dutch/Italian] Today I wanted to write a post about pronouns and corresponding personal adjectives, to tidy up my grammar a little. When I was still taking courses, I was extremely careful to the grammar rules as I was trying to speak Dutch. But now I notice that these rules are slowly vanishing with … Continue reading Parts of the speech

The order of the sentence

[Leggi in italiano] One of the most difficult aspects of learning Dutch has been for me managing the order of the sentence. That's something new, since I had not found it in other languages (I have never studied German, for example), and my brain was not trained yet. One needs to find the rule applying … Continue reading The order of the sentence

De or het?

[Available also in Dutch/Italian] Due to a renewal of the Dutch language started in the 19th century, knowing the gender (masculine/feminine) is no longer necessary [1]. However, it remains the distinction between the neuters (het words) and other words (de words), and its knowledge is not just a matter of fashionable use of the language: the … Continue reading De or het?