Parts of the speech

[Read in Dutch/Italian] Today I wanted to write a post about pronouns and corresponding personal adjectives, to tidy up my grammar a little. When I was still taking courses, I was extremely careful to the grammar rules as I was trying to speak Dutch. But now I notice that these rules are slowly vanishing with … Continue reading Parts of the speech


[Read in Italian] Although I often would like to express in more details how I feel, I find myself using repeatedly something like het gaat goed, het is prima -  when in my head in fact there is a storm of thoughts I am fine but I am somewhat worried for this or that, I am a … Continue reading Feelings

7 free resources for Dutch self-study

Learning Dutch, for free. Here my selection of free resources: [read in Italian] here the Dutch grammar is complete and comprehensive - even better than a book in my opinion. analogous to a basic language course: each lesson presents a video, a list of 25 words to memorize and some exercises. Perfect for beginners. … Continue reading 7 free resources for Dutch self-study