NanaTraveling, reading, cooking, learning languages… These are my favorite hobbies and here you are going to find a bit of everything. But mainly I write about the Netherlands, the Dutch language and culture.

My name is Marta, I am Italian, I live in the Netherlands since 2013 and I am in love with the Netherlands. Seriously. I am in love with its precision, its bikes, its crazy parties, its freedom, openness and  directness.

But moving to a new country means also learning a new system, rules and habits, often in a different language. And of course, that means also learning that new language. In the Netherlands it is pretty easy to survive, since most of the things are translated in English. But sometimes, the Dutch language is really necessary, and a help from somebody who knows these businesses would be helpful.

2017 has been the year of my Staatsexamen Nederlands als Tweede Taal. Since then, my new goal is to revise the grammar, learn more and help other people. Here I share my (our) daily adventures with living in the Netherlands and learning the Dutch language. If you are an expat who lives in the Netherlands, hopefully this will be of (little) help. If you live somewhere else, you might be interested in seeing how is it to live in the Netherlands (according to us). If you are a Dutchie, probably you will read about a “different Netherlands”, with an Italian point of view.

Ps. Do you know (a little bit of) Dutch or do you want to learn it? I advise you to have a look at the website in Dutch! Or would you like to read some Italian, check here!