[Read in Italian] Although I often would like to express in more details how I feel, I find myself using repeatedly something like het gaat goed, het is prima –  when in my head in fact there is a storm of thoughts I am fine but I am somewhat worried for this or that, I am a bit agitated, extremely happy and satisfied for the day I had. During some courses we have even studied that, but somehow I have never been able to learn a good ranking of feelings to express in that precise moment.
Thus, here comes a chapter with my touch 🙂

Hoe gaat het?

Everything begins this way. The meeting in the street, the chat at the coffee machine, the formal meeting with your boss. In each occasion and type of meeting we start easy. Thus be ready! A good start in Dutch is absolutely needed.

Alles goed? Hoe gaat het (met jou / met u)? Hoe is het (met jou / met u)?*
*u is the formal version – use it with your boss

and answer


For feelings there exists a wide range of expressions that could help expressing better that mix of thoughts of the moment – being forced to keep it simple isn’t really nice.
Here a list of emotions, positive in green and negative in red, associated with their opposites (or similar) by the lines and close to adjectives of similar meaning


with corresponding meanings and translations. A simple way to construct the sentence is ik voel me / ik ben…

energiek met energie en kracht energetic, lively
blij, verheugd, vrolijk in een goede stemming happy, pleased, glad
blijmoedig, zonnige vreugdevolle cheerful, enthusiastic, happy
gelukkig blij en tevreden fortunate, lucky
dolgelukkig erg gelukkig blissful
trots wie voelt dat hij/zij beter is dan anderen proud
zelfverzekerd zeker van jezelf self-confident
rustig, ontspannen, becalm in rust en evenwicht calm, composed
moe wie slaap/rust nodig heeft tired, weary
bedroefd, verdrietig verdriet hebben sad, sorrowful
ongelukkig ellende unfortunate, unhappy, sad
somber, triest in neergeslagen stemming gloomy, sad
chagrijnig in een slecht humeur grumpy, capricious
boos in een slechte stemming furious, mad
neerslachtig verdriet hebben discouraged, gloomy
teleurgesteld niet zo goed/mooi als verwacht disappointed, disillusioned
bang wie angst hebt scared, frightened
gejaagd door haast of onrust voortgedreven hasty, agitated
nerveus, zenuwachtig angstig omdat het verkeerd af kan lopen nervous
angstig wie angst voelt scared, frightened
gespannen waarin spanning is tense, strained
ongelukkig met ongunstige gevoelens unfortunate, disastrous

En, hoe gaat het met jullie vandaag?


6 thoughts on “Feelings

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I find it actually difficult to guess what I should use in every occasion. I have the feeling using/not using ‘u’ at times can really offend people.


      1. Good to hear! When speaking Italian I do that, but here I felt somewhat wrong. Now that I know I’ll apply it also in NL 😉 thanks for the tip Ines!


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