A look into the Dutch life

2014.08.02 smile (1)Dutching arrives on Instagram!
[Read in Italian]
Although I am definitely not a social person, I’ve decided that I must show all these pictures, all these small things that I notice and capture everywhere, if I want to talk about the Netherlands.
In almost five years, I have been able to collect more folders on the Netherlands than any photographer or NL-enthusiast.
Maybe because I still have the eyes of a newbie, or simply because I still like it.

Flower blossom, that warm summer day that seems never-ending, and that fresh beer after work. The walk in the cloudy and rainy day, the clouds and the colors after the rain.
Maybe they are not great pictures, they do not take special events, and they do not use filters…but they are pieces of daily life in the Netherlands.

A look in the old good times

2013.10.9 BestTuE
TU/e best Dutch University

And while writing this, I catch that old and trusty external hard disk, full of all these pictures that I simply cannot delete.
Blurry rough pictures, without people in it (so that there is no privacy issue), but that can still tell a lot.
A first year in the name of work hard, play hard.
A lot of new friends, new university, a first working experience, new city and a somewhat different culture.

Work hard…

2013.09.11 (32)

2014.06.06 HTC

2014.08 (29)
High Tech Campus (Eindhoven)

…play hard

Beside an intensive working/university life, parties, friends and borrels.
Thursdays, and borrels. Laughs, hugs, chats, long after-works.
And the anxiety for that exam that slowly blurry, a bit as these pictures taken to catch the moment.
But the right picture with the right song can still raise melancholy. And the thankfulness for the luck of having been there.
2014.10.02 Borrel (3)



And parties, with a lot of people in a very limited space. All what you need 🙂

2014.09.28 IliasBirthday (1)

The first visits to the windmills, and the first time at the stadium that I can’t forget.

2013.09.28 (15) Nuenen

2014.08.21 PSV (11)

The pictures of Dutching

The years go by, but my enthusiasm for the small things remains.
Therefore from now on you will find pictures (less dated) besides words about the Netherlands. If you have an Instagram account, and you’d like to see some glimpses of the Netherlands, follow me! My account is marta.dutching.

Enjoy another SUNday! 😎




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