A nice surprise :)

[Read in Dutch/Italian] Some time ago, I saw a post on the Facebook group “Duolingo Dutch learners” : Lene was offering a book on the life of a boy in a little Dutch village.
“Why would you want to read this book? Let me know, and this book could be yours”.
Such a nice initiative! I did immediately react to that question…since when I came to the Netherlands, I’ve always been living in Eindhoven. This is just great for me, but sometimes, during our tours with the bikes, crossing these small villages, I become curious: how is it to live there? Is that the “real” Netherlands?

Few days later, I got a message saying that I had won the book. I just had to send my contact information, with no need even to pay the shipping costs.
Today when I came back home from work, I found with surprise not only that book, but also a second one with this nice card


My week could not start in a better way! 🙂

And with this post, I would like to suggest to you all to join the FB group Duolingo Dutch learners. It is such a nice community of people really committed to learn Dutch and of Dutch people willing to help. Furthermore, the discussion is not only about the questions proposed in Duolingo, but more in general about useful tips and tricks, videos, books and so on.
As second, I would like to recommend to pay attention to such initiatives, you see them happening quite often in the Netherlands.
But mainly, I would like to warmly thank Lene…I will doubly enjoy reading these books! 🙂

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