Words of February

[Read in Dutch/Italian] It is well known that February is very short, but this year it is really flown away! So cold, but with such a beautiful sun! Luckily I have some notes on my agenda, 5 new posts and 21 new words to make it more tangible

  1. kwaad = angry, enraged, irate
  2. (het) beginsel = principle, fundamental idea, initial concept
  3. toegeven (s.w.*) = to admit, accede, admit the truth, give in, surrender
  4. (de) voorspelling = prediction, prognosis
  5. slepen = to tow, haul, trail
  6. eenvoudiger kan het niet = as simple as it is
  7. (de) kier = slot, gap, groove, trench
  8. nederig = humble, unobtrusive
  9. verdedigen = to defend
  10. (de) tweeling = twins
  11. ingewikkeld = complicated
  12. ontwikkeld = developed
  13. (de) hindernis = obstacle, barrier
  14. verlangen = to desire, long, crave
  15. zeuren = to nag, complain, deplore
  16. (de) luier = diaper, nappy
  17. (de) voorpret = anticipatory pleasure
  18. geneigd = inclined
  19. opdienen (s.w.*) = to serve, serve out
  20. (de) valkuil = pitfall, trap
  21. (de) golf = wave

*s.w. = scheidbare werkwoord (separable verb)
***u. = uitdrukking (expression)

11. and 12….my nightmare! I always mix them up…I hope that it won’t happen to you too  😉
Furthermore, thanks to my dear colleagues I have learnt something extra. In a Whatsapp conversation and in an email, it happened to me to write

  • we gaan jullie laten weten, error! we zullen het jullie laten weten
  • als je vragen hebt, voel je vrij om contact met ons op te nemen (I lost a te)

How much I love corrections from colleagues and friends, I feel cuddled 🙂
Enjoy March! 🙂




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