Words of January

[Available also in Dutch/Italian] What I like the most in studying new languages, is the fact that after the initial effort, you reach a sort of balancing speed. When the puzzle is almost complete, you can add pieces also while chatting, listening to the radio or reading the news.
You learn more efficiently, because the amount of new words is smaller and the particular situation helps memorizing. Furthermore, it is extremely cheap! I use the address book of my agenda, so that it is always with me. Here below the new words of January

  1. uitbuiten (s.w.*) = to exploit, take advantage of
  2. de trein halen
  3. verzinnen = to invent, contrive, make up, make plans
  4. dwingen = to force, compel, oblige
  5. betreden = to enter
  6. opschieten (s.w.*) = to hurry-up, rush
  7. neerzetten (s.w.*) = to lay, place, set, put
  8. (het) uitstrijkje = pap-test
  9. vreemdgaan = to be unfaithful, stray, commit adultery
  10. (de) bijeenkomst = meeting, conference, assembly
  11. (het) gedoe = hustle, bustle
  12. geen sprake van = never, certainly not
  13. achter komen = to find out
  14. schakelen = to switch
  15. gelden (geldt, gold, gegolden) = to apply
  16. kwetsbaar = vulnerable, fragile
  17. verstrooid (s.t.**) = absent-minded
  18. verstrooien = spread, disperse

*s.w. = scheidbare werkwoord (separable verb)
**s.t. = spreektaal (colloquial language)

January has been the month of the beginning, of my first post and of 18 new words to memorize…now it is time to learn, learn with me! 🙂


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